¡BangBang Watergun! is an innovating indieband consisting of 5 young musicians. With their playful expression and sounds inspired from hip-hop, jazz and rock, the band has created a completely unique sound. The music is explosive and danceable - and with the band's extraordinary stage presence it’s impossible not to get involved. They've been booked to festivals all over Norway including the showcase festivals Sørveiv and Villvillvest. The band has released a total of four singles which have been picked up by one of Norways biggest radios «P3», New Music Friday Norway and a variety of other sites and playlists. New music is just around the corner with their debut album dropping the 19th of august on the prestigious label Jazzland Recordings. 

“[The music] has managed to unify a great spectre of genres and styles in an original setlist. ¡BangBang Watergun! aims and hits right in the heart”

 - Universitas

White Gold is everything modern music should be. To say I love this would be an understatement!

- Scandinaviansoul


“¡BangBang Watergun! delivered perhaps one of the most danceable sets of the festival” 

- Jazzinorge