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¡BangBang Watergun! is a norwegian band consisting of five young, innovative musicians. With their playful expression and sounds inspired from hip-hop, jazz and rock, the band has created their own take on alternative pop. The music is explosive and danceable - and with the band's extraordinary stage presence it’s impossible not to get involved. They've been booked to festivals all over Norway and in august 2022 they released their debutalbum «colors» on the prestigious record label Jazzland Rec.


The album received great reviews from several newspapers in Norway and abroad - «¡BangBang Watergun! has something completely unique», «…strong, international potential», «everything modern music should be».


The national broadcaster in Norway picked out the band as one of the acts you should see live in 2023, saying this about their performance on the showcase festival Villvillvest - «We are forced to dance, it’s [the music] vulnerable and at the same time explosive, and ridiculously tight.» The band is currently working on their second album and are releasing a «Live from the livingroom» EP in march.

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